torek, 13. december 2016

what a succsess party!!!

We  did what's right, we did it the right way and we did it at the right location. Pumpa vert is one huge step closer to start shining again. A big THANK YOU goes to Skatepark RogAudiorama (Jambrek), Fogy from Everything Goes, Dado, all the promoters of the event especially Radio Študent and PendrekMag and of course each and everyone of you who came and supported us! Even the real fathers of the vert, Kupa and Mičo, made it to the party from far far away!! Romantic kisses also to our loving friends who helped getting things goin, Deso, Ceca, Čopi, Kos, Tada, Sonja, Vnuk, Tati, teta Magda and other beautiful bystanders. Let's wait for the birds to announce next year's spring. Then we got some wood work to do. Boldrider Loves You!

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