ponedeljek, 25. julij 2011

new ROW decks and stickers

the second ROW decks/stickers series is here.
sizes: 7.75 - 7.8 - 8 - 8.125 - 8.25 - 8.5 - 8.6(pool)
price: 32€ + 4€(grip)
get some, get it get it get it booyyy!!!

baj baj JAMA

we started skating pr JAMI around 1990-91. since then we saw many directors come and go and so did some of the skaters. we had bad years when we had to run from the police and 150 kg security guards and we had times when we were the kings there, selling watermelon, going to every single party(maturantski,rock kfje) around the sk8spot and skating there non stop, sun,snow, rain, no matter what.
this has been our street plaža for 20 years...baj baj

ponedeljek, 18. julij 2011

a day in a life of.....

zi germans call him TESO, he calls us every day for 20 times.
from water collector, park builder to grafic master....this is a day in a life of PUMPA gatekeeper NEJC-----

collecting and filtering the water with his "dinasour patch" technique

dry point mastery. nice and slow, he's like a samurai...very very strong but has so much feeling. a pleasure to watch.

new school woodcut, this is what he uses his broken boards for.

not a single black point on the cigarette.
if you like Nejc's work here's some stuff you'll be stoked on:

deso's first model on row.
8.6", handpainted by the master himself

put MODERN TALKING and POLONA in GUSTI in the mixer and this is what you get. dance/kissing music for rainy days.
CREATURES split zine with Mr. Zic
more anatomic and still life drawings from this drawing prodigy.
silk screen covers, 30 pages.

allora, go to you local cash machine , come sk8 our bowl and get some of these.

ponedeljek, 11. julij 2011

stolen ideas

rodriguez is spreading out his ideas too loud..lately he's been talking a lot about some magnets in the board and shoes..lazy skateboard for office skatedudes..too bad..stolen already..

torek, 05. julij 2011

trnyeah but i don't dance

potential candidate for 5th r.o.w. team member

vademekum smile mit ulaula and tomas

famous german skejtfotografer was also there

annoying powell fans talking about animal chin

thank you but i don't dance

no no no thank you but i don't dance

look to the kamera..where the fuck is it

cic and deco zombie having a laugh..all in all we all had great times at festival trnje near pivka for the 14th time already..listen/watch some bands from this year (demolition group, joko ono, foltin, n'toko...) and lets meet there next year!

ponedeljek, 04. julij 2011

petek, 01. julij 2011

R.O.W. on web!

R.O.W. has a new poster for the saturday vert session and a brand new glosy INTERNET SITE. check-read-watch-buy-jerk.