torek, 13. april 2010

NI KEj, fajn joški

ad director : sergej vutuc

nedelja, 04. april 2010

TADA's BD party

this is how it all started; even before we parked our car they were already there, waiting for us, cheerful, so so happy that we arrived

krsko + dravograd (serious)hc

senozece + pivka (HA)hc


MELETE started the antisocial sauna gig

headbanging and text messiging

42? no 26!

ACRID SUNDAY followed with Bob Marley on drums

sej ni

senozece workout

YEAHHH!!best present of the night. S-K-A-T-E. Matic Osovnikar in the back

petek, 02. april 2010

SK8 & BMX apartment

our friends from heilbronn(PLEMPLEM brotherhood/germany) are working on a new DIY sk8/bmx indoor diamond. the BRUSK collectif came from belgium for some concrete help......check it out--->