petek, 28. november 2008

slatko se mi jebe

another rough zin from 'dravograd je u kurcu' friends, this time MICO's late night work. read it while listening to your favorite hc tapes.....somehow i feel like monkey boys crew is the younger brother of our bOLDrider team.
i like sugar & fucking your filthy ass.(translation)
ps. also from dravograd....JEBIVETER#1 little pocket zin. GET THEM BOTH!

sreda, 26. november 2008

I h8 this drawing

i did this shity drawing in zg in summertime, it looked funny back than, but today i hate it, it's happening way tooo often around me...from kings of sk8 to kings of kauc....

torek, 25. november 2008

get educated

Just a reminder. School's up today. Fočo is holding a lecture.

nedelja, 23. november 2008

sk8 poetry & sk8 history class

sk8 teory class is coming to postojna university thanxxx to Prof. Foco

klik/enlarge!!this is a must read for every sk8ter, historian or peot.

petek, 21. november 2008

higheel shtikla model out now

We decided it was about time to put a Boldrider shoe model out. Presenting the perfect shoe for skaters with high expectations ... make your heelflips higher and your flips sharper.

nedelja, 16. november 2008


padre lele foco 'n' tomac spent a nice sunday skating the zege bowl

sreda, 12. november 2008

KIZO sk8boards

there's this new sk8 brand from zagreb called KIZO. starting with wide big 35 x 9 inch + boards and simple "core" grafics...

...and blank, fuck logos, comfortable shirts for bowl sk8ing. in your local sk8 shop soon!!

torek, 11. november 2008

an inventive boldrider

Boldrider on skates came out with an inventive (africa pioneered) style for carrying his drink through a crazy flatland session.

nedelja, 02. november 2008