nedelja, 28. februar 2010

kutičk rules

finally we got the chance to experience KUTIčK the place we heard so many stories about....
greatgreat exibition, superfunny videos, crazy place.
big respect to DESO for the great exhibition and video-part(y) organization!!!!


monkey boys video opened sk8 film fest

for some funy for some...

the guys from kranj showed their CELA PIZDARIJA for the first time
and deso played his new video BULŠ TU KU NČ

sk8 romance

kupa and rick howard

electric mouse

new local video on the way

petek, 26. februar 2010

čuza on fire

yesterday night in čuza witnessed serious knockout performances from two brotherly the end of their balkan tour they played an unexpected show in lets say melete's hometown...with much energy from both melete and duch sand creek massacre the night was burning long after the show was are some cute moments...

this saturday!!

from one party to another......
if you dig transitions, beer, thrasher, japan terror, moshpit, acidrops, tattoos, no griptape, fs slashes...well than that's it.this saturday.come support!

ponedeljek, 22. februar 2010

this thursday!!!

MELETE and SAND CREEK MASSACRE are coming back from their balkan tour so there's a nice chance to see these buldozer core bands live!

this thursday 25.2. at 20h
ČUZA Pivka

nedelja, 21. februar 2010


Mark Conahan is an old guy who rides a skateboard – mostly on vert. He tries to draw a new Hopeless Old Men On Skateboards comic a few times a week and is the proprietor of the Antigravity Press.

četrtek, 18. februar 2010

just remembered last weekend

and what a funky monkey/maškare/skate/video/alco/livegig/naked/vert benefit party it was...

skull boy


robin with ball(s)

hogar strašni


batman dead?

miči mišiči

guest vocals from france

more guest vocals

skull boy dancing with crowd

undressing starts

mendi la cucaracha
get your balance

cushin bs tailslide
bergla boneless with cigarette

petek, 12. februar 2010


vse najboljse za tvoj............KLIK

sreda, 10. februar 2010


there's a benefit MASKERADA koncert + sk8 session + foto exhibition + the mokey boys video premiera with a niceeee music/merchandise......distro......all the money goes into the VERTramp!! in dravograd which the boyz will start building this sping / summer so;
DRAVOGRAD / mini kino
13.2.2010 THIS SATURDAY from 14:00 on
(i heard rumors ED TEMPLETON is coming also)

četrtek, 04. februar 2010

no flat spot guarantee

and enciklopedia of tricks

by william hundley