nedelja, 31. avgust 2008

brixlegg / vörgl sk8/sleep trip

we went to austria for some bowl action and guess what... the monkey boyz were already there droping & grinding the bowl

brixlegg deepend tent village.understand?

morgen!!!this is how you start a day in our village, morning erection-screaming and pushing...

behind the looked like a nightmare, a bus of little rolerbladers invading the bowl and waiting for us to wake up so they can roll over the whole park

morning pimping.....d.i.y.!!

the question was; where's the sk8park.and the answer was; you TRAJFF after mi, i show you.60/70's metal guy, best style/best performance

born in austria streetstajl

tanga trend invading the vörgl sk8 scene

boldrider wannabes.LOOSE YOUR HAIR, fuck stickers!!!!

afterall everybody was very nice to us...

...from skaters.... rollerbladers...



...bus drivers....

...boldrider fans...

...and sk8park workers.

we didn't get our name from what you can see on the picture for sure.

nedelja, 24. avgust 2008

boldrider B-day party

rooftop drunks started the party, while a bunch of skaters were warming up the place

locals, ex skaters and tinca

monkey boyz from bowlplanet

hey ladiesss,mmmmmm

younger mini division

the youngest one-jakob, did his first drop....

...and his first graffiti.

kupa party blunt

enough beer, we want some milk to mix it with cakes...

everybody was in good mood.and well dressed...

food corner...

more food

flea market influences

could it be more bizzare for a skater to get rollerblades for his birthday.stay gold...

...fuck gold, i want neon teeth for my 50's B-day

is he 31 too?


Lele celebrated his birthday yesterday. I have no fotos from the Pumpa party (there are some on schintr's site) but I found this one. It's one of his beautiful mid-20 moments back in 2002, way before the boldisease.

sreda, 20. avgust 2008

hepi brzdej FOCO LEHENDAAA

20.8.1979-ma pizdu mater ce ti tip nisi lehendaaa.udri sopaj lomi brusi zagaj aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

20.8.2007-its been 1 year since we invaded hotel krass, right for the FOCO's today it's a double celebration...

ponedeljek, 18. avgust 2008


These photos (we stole them from the site of our favourite fotographer schintr) are perfect way to describe boldrider's editor and co-editor takin' some timeout to brainstorm for the second issue of our trashmag..

nedelja, 17. avgust 2008

PO SK8 lehenda TINKO is getting married

no,no! not this one!!but the one who was wearing those match1 airwalk sneakers in the back. i still can't believe that TINKO was rolling triple 360flips, preasure flip late double flips with those back in the 90's...

this was boldrider's present for fiance, the longest board i ever did a flip over 5 shit.

the 5th guy from left is TINKO, he's getting married on 23rd of august, the same day we have a birhtday piknik on our pumpa mini.

this is how it looked after the long night of wild partyin, surprisingly still in one piece.

petek, 15. avgust 2008

boldrider for artofASFALT 07

this video is from 2007, but it's content is timeless.this is what happens if you invite the boldrider crew to join your exhibition...klik the link below: ***tanx for filming***

sreda, 13. avgust 2008


YEAH!! new sk8 magazine from TADA's (dravograd super sk8*hc crew)hands is officialy out. the cover looks great. get it from your local biblioteque or apoteque...

ponedeljek, 11. avgust 2008

who the fuck is orangutan

this 80's skate/trampolino/vodka-lolipop influenced band from nebraska just released their first video.check it out on

torek, 05. avgust 2008

boldy fashion

who said that a nice shiny bold head combined with a nice suit can't be elegant.Mr.baumax,waw!, splendid work.HEY SECURITY!!!, remove the bad dressed boldy from his left, he's spoiling the fashion show party.

if you're taking your girl out, or you have a date with a fresh one, this is the style to dig. razor's edged look.

nedelja, 03. avgust 2008

YEAH!! new sk8 zine

as i heard from our friends from dravograd a NEW sk8 'zine is coming out this week.if you like DIY, SK8,xerox style, sk8ing & screaming, strings, if you like squating and building this is surely a must for you and your friends. for all of you who know TADA(dravograd) contact him directly otherwise you can write us and we'll send it to you. the name says it all; YEAH!! get it or buy your self rolerblades.