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yeah Kup!

can you hear it?
stay on Kup!

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taste of fun

schintr put some supernice last earlyfriday piks on his pages.. check them OUT!

here's MORE

torek, 01. november 2011

new things in the box

boldrider#5 / baby issue
the most serious and trick oriented skate MEGAzine of all times. no adds just pure sk8 action. 100pages, color no slipery paper. Pontus, Roy, Hubbart, Grosso, Rep, Zuodar, Doles.....3€

BUILD -&- SKATE trucker caps
small and normal size, if you like building, diy trend, suicidal tendencies, skating, curving and if you're bald, get one. 10€

nedelja, 30. oktober 2011

feed your feelings

Rok published quite a large amount of photos on THIS site so you can get 'a glimpse' of what went on here at Pumpa last friday.. dancing is dangerous haven't you heard..