petek, 27. maj 2011


come test the new piramida tomorrow!

četrtek, 12. maj 2011

ferit at barBor

few months ago ferit batir grinded the rail at barBor in postojna with a little help from an impro kicker..gabriel engelke shot this maneuver i thought noone would ever think of..well ferit thinks just as much as he grinds and grabs..thumbs up for numero uno grinderman!

ponedeljek, 09. maj 2011

crucial barbakjus

Our Basel brothers left a strong barbakju virus over at Pumpa and we all got deeply infected. Since their departure on easter monday after their last scrambled egg brunch the bbq fire keeps burning. We clean broken tree branches winter left behind and cook spectacular meals on the heat they provide. Thanks for the recepies Alejandro the Cooking god. Pineapple on grill, pealed apples with jam or banana stuffing, čevapčiči&pljeskavice, chicken in orange juice sauce, aluminum foil potatoes, jelly fish shaped hot dogs etc. Weighing scales are setting new standards.

sobota, 07. maj 2011

R.O.W. decks in stock

finally you can get the long awaited R.O.W. decks at boldrider distro. handprinted by row guys.
sizes 7.75 7.875 8.0 8.125 8.25 8.5 8.6(pool shape)
price 32€ + 4€ (grip + sticker)
support local DIY sk8 production.

petek, 06. maj 2011

princ williams

is one of ours.


nice wedding

torek, 03. maj 2011

BCB brothers

for easter we had a nice visit from BLACK CROSS BOWL brothers from BASEL.

in the first place they came for the LEGENDARY Postojna caves...

honey and snops degustation...

ratos de porao tent session

some pumpa skating

and PO girls check.
for more (serious)bbq and sk8 photos klik HERE

ponedeljek, 02. maj 2011