četrtek, 30. oktober 2008

i want to be a pilot

riding for Sami domaci and Vans...

the crazy guy with many talents. after knowing him for years he still surpises us regularly.without knowing anything we caught him in a competitive tv show. the way he demolish the miniramp the same way he disintegrated his fictional opponents. creature legend, one of my favotites. klik the link for some verbal grinding and bslipsliding. YEAH!!

torek, 28. oktober 2008

boldsummer memories on a rainy day

boldsummer is magic...

...it's magic...

JASON LEE indoor flat session

look what we found...the legendary jason lee practising flat tricks.the video is from 06; as you can see jason still has something to say in skateboarding. a must klik:

ponedeljek, 27. oktober 2008

nedelja, 19. oktober 2008

boldrider MITRALJEZ party

the first floor was all about flying


and pushing; more or less serious sk8boarding

hehe, the second one all about partyy; klempo cake face winner

crazy cap winner; from split-personality style to sex change to party pope style

el terminator

love is blind they say

666 moment

kobra & tada, tada & korba, hc twins


after; 30's zone

četrtek, 16. oktober 2008


enjoy. boldrider family

sreda, 15. oktober 2008

sobota, 11. oktober 2008

how to build a rampa

collect empty boxes, eat bananas, recycle

make the construction you want to skate

find some copings, something that grinds.GRRRRRINDS

color it

draw something on it you pussy, don't let it look like a gay arhitecture

clean it, show respect to the ramp

and finally...invite your frinends for a 'session'. have fun

ponedeljek, 06. oktober 2008

a letter to my friends

gettin' started

step 1; steal the board to your boyfriend while he's playing squash

step 2; push gently and don't smile!! this is not supposed to be funny.

step 3; warn your friends that your on board so they will stay a home.push away from the crowd.

step 4; didn't you tell your friends to stay home?!!

step 5; is this a step??