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četrtek, 25. maj 2017

Pršuti are ON this saturday!!

After we couldn't get drunk with the guy below last saturday because of the shitty weather (we did get drunk elsewhere though), here's a chance you go and do it this saturday. V Pršutih Je POP 2017 will go down in Sežana/Slovenia form 2 p.m. Unfortunately you won't be getting any free hugs from N'Toko (sure try it with local groupies) but be sure to check this beautiful video made by number one videographer Tomaž Šantl!!

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Sergej locked one hell of a fs rock in-between his yesterday's solo performance and group sound performance at SC Pool in Zagreb. Poolstation tonight and tomorrow after midnight. Check the whole Showroom of contemporary sound HERE! Photo: Michel Kubaček

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sreda, 26. april 2017

vertbrant on the way

Vertbrant II manifestation takes place this saturday at Fažana's army barracks starting at 3 pm. All info HERE!

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sreda, 12. april 2017

fancy lad

Still one of most inspiring gangs around the globe. If you've seen it or not do it again. KLIK!

nedelja, 09. april 2017

print shall never die

New issue of Confusion Megazine is out. Get it HERE!

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četrtek, 23. marec 2017

proper friday

Deso is kindly inviting you to join him tomorrow on the third floor of ROG factory (happy 11th anniversary) in Ljubljana. His mini ramp got fresh lips in a form of brand new pool copings. Come slash some. If you come earlier in the afternoon you can buy something nice at the flea market their setting up and check out the photo exhibition from Tomaž Šantl and Peter Fettich entiteled Ribolov (Fishing). Later on there should also be projections of several skate and skate related videos. A must vist!! More HERE.

sreda, 08. marec 2017

nine years and counting

It's been awhile since first time we kissed. Happy birthday Pumpa! Photo: Blaž Turk

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All hail Prešern! Cheers!!

nedelja, 05. februar 2017

not your toy

Our firends at Official toy have been making some interesting action figures in the last couple of months. Among other prominent characters they sculpted these five jocks. Thanks for the gifts and keep it up!!!

sreda, 18. januar 2017

stay fat

Artistic duo MORTADELA, which consists of heavyweight artists Evgen Čopi Gorišek (104 kg) and Nejc Franetič - Deso (105 kg) is opening an exhibition tomorrow night in Zelenica gallery in Ljubljana. Close cooperation between two artists originates from a shared passion for food and, of course, drinks. When basic human needs are satisfied, the two find some time for side activities. In their case - for MORTADELA. They don't mind eating from the same plate or drinking form the same beer can, nevertheless drawing on the same surface. Getting deeper into the relevant topic of 'obesity' brought several solutions that converge in a clear message - STAY FAT. Come see selected fresh fruits from gourment gardens of this flourishing tandem. More info HERE!

* Mortadela is a large italian ham sausage which incorporates one fifth small cubes of pork fat, flavoured with spices, including whole or sometimes ground black pepper, myrtle berries and pistachios.