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broken dicks tomorrow

ups.. it's broken decks and they are on the road. most underrated slovenian skate team. probably. robert kos started the project last year by selling used decks cut into new shapes and nicely painted with acrylic paint to support finishing of the indoor wooden bowl in his hometown. well it's finished and maybe even not that slippery anymore. this year broken decks come as a team of five skatestroyers, two rather interesting skate bands - skriming dildos and konzumi - and reshaped repainted used decks again, an exhibitoin entitled obrita jajčka (shaved balls). if you feel like joining this maskarade you are truly welcome. we are not sorry for any inappropriate scenes you may witness. when three or more are gathered together ... you know. and don't be a cinderella. please do stay after midnight and celebrate our seventh anniversary and international women's day of course. bring a skirt.

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7 years of our miniramp

Our Minimini celebrates her 7th birthday on March 8th. Come for a sesh this saturday, March 7th. Bring your pads and helmets!!!

Pridi rolkat našo minico, pridi.

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just do it man

they tell you not to do it but you know what...when you feel like kicking some shit in them nikeies...just kick it..just do it man...after all, it's just a game right..

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chit chat

American actress Cameron Diaz and slovenian skateboarder Uroš Kovač (row skateboards) are married. The cute couple said their vows at an intimate wedding ceremony held at Diaz's Beverly Hills home yesterday night. Diaz and Kovač have reportedly been seeing each other since May and got engaged in December, although the couple had never officially confirmed it until now. The news came like a bolt from the blue for Kovač's longtime girlfriend "I've noticed he's been acting wierd lately, not showing any interest in me at all. He seemed to be absent, somewhere else. I see now he's been somewhere elese literally. He was supposedly skating with his friends when in reality he's been grinding this old bitch." Well. Anyhow. We can also see some mean drawings on his upper limbs. Our sources revealed he's been treated with some free tattoo sessions by a good friend, also row chief executive officer.