sreda, 27. oktober 2010

torek, 26. oktober 2010

vajt's new book and indoor concrete

our dear friend from Zagreb Daniel Bele-Vajt just put out his second book with a meaningful title Praznina (emptiness)..short day to day stories from the past..if you want to learn a new language take croatian so you can have a taste of his elegant street wordflow..

..talking about emptiness here's another great news from Fažana..indoor concrete building in an old factory..this looks sooo good..keep going..klik here for more

četrtek, 21. oktober 2010

what's new?

this summer we finished the bowl in postojna with a little help from all of you. next year we're building our concrete paradise on. more corners,pool coping....more fun!
here's some handmade BOLDRIDER / PUMPA support mercandise if you want to donate some money for the next year's -springtime- building:

BOLDRIDER printed zine numero #4 is out!!
after more than one year the newest - BUSINESS ISSUE is here. a step by step manual for a successful sk8 businessman.

BOLDRIDER jingjang, black 'n' white trucker hats.
as you can see, we have two designs; pumpa and boldrider logo, adult and kids size.

BOLDRIDER t-shirts!
front PUMPA design and sleeve boldrider logo.
orange, yellow and grey. sizes: S,M,L,XL
big thanx to Omerbasic family!
price: 10€

sobota, 16. oktober 2010

visitors from italy

here's a mobile phone video from the KK reminds me of those superfunn(k)y clips we used to watch on italian tv channel telepadova in the early nineties...this link's been found on a website that covers skateboarding in the region of Friuli-Venezia Giulia...

ponedeljek, 11. oktober 2010

d.i.y. lucija

it looks like there was a rough diy spot in lucija back in the days...

torek, 05. oktober 2010


double trouble car version of....

this NEW DEAL board i first saw in the 90s in sport&sport

sobota, 02. oktober 2010

thinking of concrete...

just thinking...after all the work we've done this spring and makes you forget somtimes how much effort it really takes...pushing the thick sticky concrete upupup and it slides back down again...polishing the shit out of it until 3 or 4 in the morning...coming back in a few hours to water it and see all the mistakes you can't fix anymore...and than again day by day piece by piece into a solid shape of a boldrider bowl...but when you drop now it feels like it has always been concrete