nedelja, 26. april 2009


my beutiful friends bought me a ticket to see this band in lublana...


who's the real father?

papi taking care of young boldriders

sobota, 25. april 2009

it was a tight session...

...but i managed to come through clean...just a little head bump, that's all...i'm part of your world now so get used to seeing me around...peace.



to erika + tipche for gasper...

and petra + luka for little kaira


četrtek, 23. april 2009

slowly goin' to....

...AMJERIKA yes!!it started as a joke last year in swizz but it became meat. the boldrider crew is going to amjerika for a month to gain more fat, loose more hair, finish the second video and the third issue of our sk8 zine.
our friends MONKEY BOYS from dravograd just left for a 3week sk8 tour around swiss and austria and MELETE boys have a 4days balkan hc tour.
good duck, see you soon...stay tuned for some usa raport!

sobota, 18. april 2009

pivka sk8 mafia

move back mudafuka ZONZINI is here...!!you might find some familiar boldrider characters in his video...FUCKIN' A!!

petek, 17. april 2009

epic spots

in case we're out of town and you're into skating something special here's a preview of 3 cool spots you should look for in postojna/pivka

četrtek, 16. april 2009

ponedeljek, 06. april 2009


top5 pro skaters
-Pat Hensley
-James Thomas
-Robert Dereck
-Donny Bradley
-Christ Seen

top5 balkan skaters
-Marjan Jazbin
-Kris Markovčič
-Oli en
-Boris Petkovšek
-Edvard Pozderič-Pico

top5 skate companies
-Toy Machines
-Noo york
-Black Book
-Sms Airlines(r.i.p.)

četrtek, 02. april 2009

ajs copy


best copy

additionalmustache copy

nocurlyhair copy

mustworkonitharder copy

cuthatnosehair copy