četrtek, 25. maj 2017

Pršuti are ON this saturday!!

After we couldn't get drunk with the guy below last saturday because of the shitty weather (we did get drunk elsewhere though), here's a chance you go and do it this saturday. V Pršutih Je POP 2017 will go down in Sežana/Slovenia form 2 p.m. Unfortunately you won't be getting any free hugs from N'Toko (sure try it with local groupies) but be sure to check this beautiful video made by number one videographer Tomaž Šantl!!

ponedeljek, 08. maj 2017

nedelja, 07. maj 2017

petek, 05. maj 2017


Sergej locked one hell of a fs rock in-between his yesterday's solo performance and group sound performance at SC Pool in Zagreb. Poolstation tonight and tomorrow after midnight. Check the whole Showroom of contemporary sound HERE! Photo: Michel Kubaček

ponedeljek, 01. maj 2017