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...we couldn't imagine how is it to loose/destroy your own skate heaven. It happened last year in Basel, it will happen at the end of august this year in Postojna and it's happening right now in Zagreb. Weird coincidences....we call it the year of the mammoth.

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Ian and fiesta de Urselines

lejga Iančk
Ian Dykmans celebrated one of his birthdays on Pumpa. He was the first one to help us with  trany shaping instructions. While we were working hard he was drinking his beers all the day long with no real comment on shaping and building. He was part of BRUSK collective, and he knew what does it mean to built a bowl better than we ever will. But he didn't say anything we didn't already know. It was 2 in the morning/night we finished shaping the trany and he said, give me the shaper. We sourly thought this guy will fuck up everything .....but insted showed us the finishing glanz technique.
Some 2 or 3 years later he invited the whole Boldrider + ROW gangs to Brussels to paticipate to the URSULINE party 2012, to play, sk8, built, exhibit and eat pi-pi.
We got a zine about the whole event in the mail yesterday, a nice Fiesta des Urselines memory, with great pictures of all actions involved. 56 b/w and color pages in Pumpa zine library...
thanx Ian for everything
lejga Kups!lejga Foč! lejga Tomc!lejga Johny!!Lelčč!

lejga Deso! lejjh ROW!!
lejga Helmut

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