ponedeljek, 29. junij 2009

tuzla ramps

if oregon(usa) is known as the bowl paradise on earth then tuzla(bosna) is definitly the RAMPA meka...mega mini mikro wooden brick spines vert indoor underground....just name it. a must for all you trany maniacs!

found also a hiden underground bowl with huge copings

the silverstone indoor vert.ask locals for details

sobota, 20. junij 2009

ponedeljek, 15. junij 2009

zabranjen ulaz

A portion of the Boldrider fellas went to Zagreb to skate the pool and talk to Pat (or is it Mat or Mathew ... whatever) Hensley, ex pro skater and accordion player of Flogging Molly. At the entrance to Studentski centar we got a nice surprise - six or seven security boldies telling us we can't skate the pool because there's a big concert inside. What about afterwards we asked. No pool skating today smallbrainers insisted.

So we took a walk of Zagreb.

We noticed lots of lonsome turists crusin' the streets. This one just peddaled in a burger and was ready to see some sightings.

Few blocks away we cought another turistic lady in search for some nice pictures.

Popular street spot Mimara was packed with gameofskaters.

We went to that concert in the evening. Instead of a small little concert with skateboarding and listening to Hensley ripping on the accordion, we saw this. See that dot on the left side of the stage. That's Pat, no Mat, Mathew ... whatever.

The green girl was haunting us wherever we went, like we were fucking metal detectors.

Band's frontman said croatian flag looks like their (irish) flag. So i had to shoot the proof.

I don't know what this photo (from a gas station on the way back home) is actually doing here. Oh, i just remembered. Wouldn't it be nice if we sent a bunch of stickers like this one to all public skateparks in amerika. No helmets alowed. Yes.

četrtek, 11. junij 2009

nedelja, 07. junij 2009

relax, it's...


this is the car we rented in san francisco

cops everywhere

waves everywhere

butter asses

butter faces; san diego ksiht depilation

mutande sk8er

herpes for everybody

as we didn't meet mr. ed templeton in huntington beach i gave my board to this street aerosole decorator.

SF downhill / uphill

papi was too tired for bowl sk8ing in SF so he was playing with dogs. he loves them.

weekend con il morto