ponedeljek, 28. november 2016

petek, 25. november 2016

you just go

Our allies from Dvorana in Prestranek are worried not enough people will come for the 2nd anniversary of the biggest indoor bowl in Ex-Yugoslavia. But that's not gonna happen because we heard you are comming. YOU JUST GO boy. Have a good time watching two screenings, SAM GRES, a film by Jure Skerjanc featuring local skaters (Gregor Kuzmic, Deso, Robert Kos, Kliment, Marko Kocevar, Damjan Cvetanoski, Tomaz Milavec, Jure Skerjanc and friends) and ODRON, a short film from Hrvoje Zubovic presenting high performance street shredding form Zagreb's finest Antonio Pekovic, followed  by live music from five bands.

petek, 18. november 2016

our vert needs a new spring dress...

... so here's your chance to contribute. Skate people form Rog are getting on this Benefit Event, so if you happen to be anywhere near Ljubljana you know where to go on 9th of December. It's gonna be cold outside, but we'll heat a good session inside, burn some burgers and a vegeterian stew would probably be in order to summer up the winter a bit. We'll have our portable skate shop with us so buying our stuff is a must. Everything you'll spend in Rog Skatepark that night is eventually converting into wooden layers for Pumpa vert. So come get some good times with us! All info HERE!

četrtek, 17. november 2016