petek, 30. januar 2009

here they are

just got a pair of first JAKA BABNIK signature pro shoe from nike. nice color combination, super comfort...highly recomanded for all you bastards who didn't believe that a slovenian skater will ever have a signature sk8 shoe!

četrtek, 29. januar 2009

nike party

went to a nike party last night and everybody was looking at me in a strange way. maybe it was just my feeling.

ponedeljek, 26. januar 2009

watch this

Our dear friends from the Monkey boys crew launched a diehard video that will make you scream along some 20minutes of a lifestyle presentation. A must klik!

sreda, 14. januar 2009


Just found Tomi from Trbowlje dogpissing all over his sponsor's website. Good thing he's doing it on PUMPA's wallride.

same mini, same wall...this time pingo stylin
*note; this is not a fotomontage!

petek, 09. januar 2009

četrtek, 08. januar 2009


sometimes i'm surprised how younger kids in slovenia can't understand srbo/croatian

torek, 06. januar 2009


what would happened to the NIKE SB team if they would have a demo back in 93 in beograd i wonder...

i heard stories that you were robbed of your own sneackers, especilly if you were wearing nike, just by walking through the street. and then you got you ass kicked for finale. getto stylin'

ponedeljek, 05. januar 2009


1991/postojna; member of 1st generation of skateboarders in PO today still skates in novi sad.

2009; trif with his board collection:
1-his 1.board he got from a man who bought it in holland, done probably in the 70s
2-the board with spider net is the board from the picture from 1991
3-tony hawk's medallion. re-shaped though. chech the original shape

this board was bought in sport$sport in trieste as you can see from the sticker. the board had autograms from some members of bones brigade which had a demo on halfpipe in trieste back then. tony hawk's and nicky guerrero's tags still readable.

nedelja, 04. januar 2009

sretna nova

came back from a lazy, tired trip to srbija


met TRIF777 in novi sad, legendary skater from postojna now living in srbija

boldrider mania invasion

how to fix a flat tire on a highway

31.12.08 / 23:39

31.12.08 / 23:41

the watches in our apartment kept sayin that it was already new year. all the time

and papy was happy about it

ramp konstruktor; shaping and dreaming about sk8in the park( at least for 30minutes )

to freezing though....

petek, 02. januar 2009

good choices

Once upon a time a linguist named Saussure said: "Where there is choice, there is meaning, and the meaning of what was chosen is determined by the meaning of what was not." Make some good choices in 2009 and make them mean something.