ponedeljek, 30. november 2009

i have a question....

ej Sergej....

when are you coming back on our mini?

***foto1-Lars Greiwe
***foto2-Sergej Vutuc

četrtek, 26. november 2009

sreda, 18. november 2009

ponedeljek, 16. november 2009

more ramps than tricks


there's a nice mini session+koncert in dravograd this saturday (the21st of nov). join and support the DIY RAMPAATTAK fever

ponedeljek, 09. november 2009

rumble in prestrank

LOUC---the godfather of SLADKO SE MI JEBE sk8zine/ available through Bold zine distro and Mladinska knjiga

the long awaited rumble video....

torek, 03. november 2009

ready to rock&roll

Extended indoor mini ramp in Prestrank is done and has been taking some serious slams for more than a week now. And some tricks here and there. Compliments to PrestranKru!