nedelja, 31. maj 2009

new york

the legendary BROOKLYN BANKs...just have to experience it!! much more steeper than it looks on videos and very rough to skate. get some 60 mm wheels when you go there.

foco having fun

padre getting serious

two words; MARKGONZALES and IRAK crew

ny street skating for my opinion is the best sk8 experience you can get from there. endless superspeed lines. again big and soft wheel recomanded.

street posing

jammin' on the A line

trashin' on the A line

wrestlin on the A line

soul food ; best neighbour in harlem

thanx to JOCKO WEYLAND we managed to see stuff we could just dream about. one of those was a private party/foto exhibition of BUBI from srbija followed by a concert of THE legendary MURPHY's LAW. it was nice to taste NYHC vibe in ny. it hurts but it was worth it.

brooklyn bmx warrior

the other thing JOCKO showed us was the greenpoint bowl. wood+pool coping. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

deepend section with heel and s-tomac problems.


petek, 29. maj 2009


we're back!
as you were reading in the OBRAMBA and RADAR newspapers we spent a month sk8travelin the states;

new york---> san francisco - portland(oregon) - lincoln city(or) - florence(or) - myrtle creek(or) - jacksonville(or) - ashland(or)--->san diego(california) - huntington beach(ca) - costa mesa(ca) - orange(ca) - long beach(ca) - los angeles(ca) - santa cruz(ca) - san francisco(ca)-------->new york//

we have millions of zillions of photos for you and some clips for the video. we can't post everything at once or we break the internet. so here's the warm up


torek, 26. maj 2009

here they come...

boldrider dogs lele, foco, tomac and padre soon to skateboard at Jama ... in just a few days ... their airplain from amerika is already warming up its wings ... lele said: dosta je ovih amerikanaca!

torek, 12. maj 2009


while i was skating street the other day a younger skatefriend of mine recomanded this clip so here you go...if you've already seen it, there's surely more than enough reasons you wanna see it again.

ponedeljek, 04. maj 2009

v pršutih je pop

up against the wall

inbetween changing diapers daddy finds time for some action on a nice mini in Prestranek...