nedelja, 28. september 2008

back to 180's

klik the link below for some baby ramp action from dravograd. it may look small and eazy but it, pička ti materna mala;

četrtek, 25. september 2008

80's mini session

this saturday, starting at 13-14h, in dravograd, 80's fashion-mini session, organized by monkey boys. take some funny fluo clothes,tights... with you, not just your board you fucking pro.

off the topic; i met chris cole at postojnska jama sk8 spot today, chilling and talking on the phone, while we were waiting for some fat trick over 9...

sreda, 24. september 2008

ikea special delivery

just got some new zofa straight from sweden. tenx bjorn and torgensen for door to door delivery.

torek, 23. september 2008

night mi(ni)ssion

neon padre

baj baj summertime

sreda, 17. september 2008

torek, 16. september 2008

united colors of sponzorship

the new screwed (up) triple board...perfect for unsponzored...skateboarding is still expensive

nedelja, 14. september 2008

sk8boarding is all about style

no matter if it's just ollie kicks(all the time)

360 flips

techical riding

or switchstance.STYLE!!

petek, 12. september 2008

sreda, 10. september 2008

quater to bank

got some ideas for our skatepark

ponedeljek, 08. september 2008


!!like it or not, boldrider no.2 is out!!

boldrider sweatshop; enter the office and meet our co-workers

moments of joy after finnishing the new issue, pussycat style dance

909 copies left, get it on amazon and ebay

never trust a boldrider!

nedelja, 07. september 2008

zig zagreb

went to zagreb again, 3 of us for some bowl riding

we took crazy'cicko'domes with us 'cause we knew he would rip the bowl even it was his first time in zg

we started easly, just curving, some 50-50 here and there

and then it happened again...monkey style sk8boarding, it was like letting the animal out of the cage

superspeed addiction...

never seen trick combinations and...

...the first injury was here. do you know bubble graffity lettering ?

than slowly some locals started coming by, some for the grill

others just for the session

some were so good that we filmed short parts for the friends section in the new BOLDRIDER video

later we went to the city just to relax and stretch before the sleep

wtf if pussycat style?? and mtv stlye?? is this equal to hiphop, jazz, styles??if so i defenitly want some pussycat stlye knowledge

we met pontus alv in the city

perfect boldrider bowl construktor

is that a girl lying infront of me or am i still dreaming?

četrtek, 04. september 2008

ice ice baby

while working on a new boldrider issue we were inspired by some clips from vanilla's video.for all of you who dig versace style and graffiti. (N) ICE

awsome lettering BA(R)BY; you should check the whole video again, we re-discovered some silly combinations.

sreda, 03. september 2008

guess what guess what

just started a new issue of printed boldrider, your favorite hardcover x-sports mag

all i can say is that the gallery section is sick, if you like hammers, sick creative tricks, flashes, style...well, this is it than

out next week for sure, find it in all bigger mercator centers around slovenija

ponedeljek, 01. september 2008