četrtek, 25. avgust 2011

new BOLDRIDER Tshirts

size: S-XXL
colors: white,grey,blue,green, orange....what'd you want,what'd you want??!!
girls:M-L, yellow, green
bags, very limited
available only this weekend, on the place, no preorders, no envelopes, no guys you rule, no this one is nice but do you have other colors, no hair, no nothing! 10€

front or back?

četrtek, 18. avgust 2011

nedelja, 07. avgust 2011

clean your fuckin' spot

this wallride's what's left of fažana diy spot in an abandoned lab glass factory (tvornica laboratorijskog stakla borisa kidriča)..everything elese the locals built is torn down to pieces..nevertheless i still got surprised noone's skating that great wall..wallride or die i thought, cleand my path and solo-sessioned the graffiti vertical thing in the midst of a burning summer day..just yesterday actually..thanx to zAjc for witnessing that shit and making a photographic memory out of it..

girls speaking about sk8boarding

ponedeljek, 01. avgust 2011

ghost shaping

that's how we shape our bowls so SMOOTH