četrtek, 27. januar 2011

new books in the distro

Sergej Vutuc „Something in Between“
photo book, with a text by Jocko Weyland
104 pp. with 70 b/w illustr.
240 x 255 mm, hardcover

Hard-edged realism determines Sergej Vutuc’s black and white photographs, but at the same time, it is possible to see the influence of hazardous acrobatics. All of this is for a reason: Sergej Vutuc’s involvement of the skater scene is visceral. He has followed it for years in his photographic work. Thus an imposing body of photographs has arisen, which, for the first time in this book, enables a particular dynamic to develop which has been instigated by the photographer himself though his selection and over all design. In this way, the truly sensational aspect of this predominantly youth/underground phenomenon is given proper emphasis.

At the same time however, in an wonderful and yet simple manner, the early positions in conceptual art represented by Ed Ruscha and Dan Graham are naturally assumed once more, whereby public space, its structuring, its socially conditioned presence, as well as the non-sites or a particular form of optical devastation, are granted particular attention. And because they are characteristic of the experience of everyday life of this subculture, not only perception but also aesthetic appreciation is honed to such an extent that we feel we are dealing with a completely new form of artistic expression. snoeck

Scott Bourne „East of the Adriatic“

The 200-page hardback is an unedited collection of his writings from a trip around the Balkans.It's accompanied by photography from Scott and four others including Bertrand Trichet and Sergej Vutuc, and illustrations from Romain Pareja.Says Scott: "There's no skateboarding included just insane photos with insane stories."


sreda, 26. januar 2011

lele for video days

LELE got the chance to take some pictures of the legendary video days crew last year...thanx to FOTO FANTASY for the equipment.

sobota, 22. januar 2011

jason jessee

JASON JESSEE is not fat, he's LAYERED


Slovene Pumpa Last Action Hero Hyper Clip from Tonal Kerma on Vimeo.

Niklas from Tampere / Finland sent us this short super8 clip from the last bowl party in october.
KUPA ripin it hard as usual!!

sreda, 19. januar 2011

ponedeljek, 17. januar 2011

sorry Mr. Facebook

last week Mr.Facebook canceled our facebook profile because of some naked skate pictures.
we're sorry Mr.

***PS: CAB's chick?

sreda, 12. januar 2011