ponedeljek, 29. december 2008

boldriders exploring serbia

Three of our favorite Boldrider Crew members are goofying (and regularing) around Serbia as you read this. No skateboards involved. Just streets. For those hungry for their action fotos, here are some of their shots from this year.

torek, 23. december 2008

this is not a joke

..we went to a skate party yesterday. There was plenty of skating goin on. Indoor..

..some drunk soldiers were skating around..

..security brought his skate too, but he said the ledge was too high for him..

..we also met these four. They were talking about the last issue of some german hairstyle magazine all night long..

ponedeljek, 22. december 2008

damn PROs

every crew has its own "PROs" and so does ours.
Foco / aaaa kubomznoru 50/50 around Zagreb /foto: J.Babnik-mr. univerzum 2002-03

petek, 19. december 2008

new DVS snickers

caught on the net that the long awaited DVS/ game of SKATE shoes are finnaly out. made just for the occasion of the BATTLE OF THE BERRICS. Steve Berra designed it, Arto Saari, Billy Marks and Andrew Rajnolds already approved it. nice double flip point and laserflip heel. available just in lowtop/white. they say the winner of battle gets a pair of black ones, like in karate; the master gets black belt, rookies white. for all of you who enjoy slowmotion Casanova playing on the flatground.

četrtek, 18. december 2008

how to 50-50 by Rob

The name "50-50" refers to being half on the edge and half off, with both trucks even...so...Hop on your skateboard, and push to a comfortable speed. The faster you are going before the 50-50 grind, the further you will grind once you are on the rail or ledge. I suggest going at whatever you most comfortable top speed is, aiming right at the start of the edge you want to 50-50 grind.

ponedeljek, 15. december 2008



torek, 09. december 2008

monday's out!!!

Daniel Bele-Vajt finally found a publisher for his book Ponedjeljak (Monday). It is a true story of a junky skateboarder who managed to pull himself out of the drug clutches and start his life on a better track. Language in the book is Zagreb originated raw street Croatian talk. Maybe you'll get a chance to read it in another language in the future. Vajt still skateboards like a maniac. He is married and has a son. Klik this or don't! http://www.celeber.hr/ny/ponedjeljak.htm

ponedeljek, 08. december 2008

pavel peralta

support your local sk88 shops

nedelja, 07. december 2008

my neighbours

sontag cigarette pauza mit santa klaus

sobota, 06. december 2008

my neighbour

what is my neighbour doing on saturday afternoon?
....pulling out nose hair...


...ear hair...

WAW!SPLENDID WORK.ready for saturday night fever

petek, 05. december 2008


Boldrider crew is in the making of a new video. Checkout our multiangle-day&night-superviewer. Still no fisheye though.

torek, 02. december 2008

new sk8 spots

went to koper one day to skate the brick spined mini...

....but it was raining...

so we came back home and skated our sweet mini

ponedeljek, 01. december 2008

megarampa madness

duane peters danny way and ryan schlecker 'having fun' on DC megarampa.
we put this link up cause you can't find any duane megarampa clips around.