petek, 30. maj 2008



...wish we had a festival like that...

boldrider sheep division

Meet boldrider sheep division, recently added to the expanding boldrider crew.

Girls Love Boldriders

It is only now that i see the value of this photo i took in Belgrade six years ago. A splendid example of all the credit boldrider status has to offer.

četrtek, 29. maj 2008


True legend. No doubt. After twenty years still on board.

torek, 27. maj 2008

Boldrider Patch arrested

SF Gate newspaper reported:

OC skateboarder held for teen sex act
Saturday, May 24, 2008
A professional skateboarder is facing a felony charge of committing a lewd act with a 15-year-old girl.
The Orange County Sheriff's Department says 36-year-old Brian Patch was arrested on May 14 at his home in Westminster. He is scheduled to be arraigned next month on a charge that he molested the girl in April.
Patch has competed in many skateboard events, including the X Games.
A call to his home Saturday was not answered and no message could be left.

Boldrider says:

Well, the big US has been known for multiple sensless accusations related to sex (and many other 'activities'). Although they set free some pretty sick sex deviants on the other hand. I wonder what really happened in this case and won't get published in newspapers. As NOFX once sang: Why do they care what I do in my bedroom, why do they wanna see how i screw. It seems to me they got nothing better to do...

ponedeljek, 26. maj 2008


Just another boldie who thinks he invented straw smoking. What an idiot.


Here's another clip from Pumpa. Enonogi is a unique skater. Hard to find. Hard to grind.

Whale skater

Respect the only real whale skater in the world. There's a big splash wherever he 'lands'.

krass R.I.P.

This was a nice sweet dream, about mama gurila living with her 3 little gurilas in the basement of our skatepark which we built in an abandoned hotel pizzerija in postojna downtown. During the day they were hiding in the cold underground, and during the night mama G was searching for food for little ones. One night i caught the scene of her coming back from the mission, surpirsed to see that she knew the only way to enter the building. I followed her downstairs, silently steping, trying not to make any sound that could make her suspicious. I wanted them to share the same place with us not to leave it. We all skate like gurilas and i felt a stong connection between us skaters and them.
I reached the room, fascinated and emotionaly touched with the scene i was looking at.
It was a dream and the moment stopped for a while, all i can remember from now on is me going back upstairs, happy, looking forward to reveal the secret to my friends. When i came back to the first floor, there were already construction workers putting up a tall fance and yelling at me that there's a gorilla in the hotel, that i'm crazy cruising around like that and that they had the order to stop them, imprisoning them in the basement.
In the february 08 they tore down KRASS, our picerija/sk8park. The dream to have the first gurila sk8 team in the world dissapeared forever.

Mini at Pumpa

After we constructed this mini ramp in a deserted gas station just outside Postojna, sessions are getting quite funky.

četrtek, 22. maj 2008

who is a boldrider?

From the content: If I had money to buy a new BMX..street sale

I'll try to make the story as short as the velocity of this street intercourse passed me by in speedo style (probably due to drunknes takin serious effect on my neuro sistem)..Walkin the empty streets of Biel in the middle of the night a tall dark man passed by with a BMX (freestyle Felt four peger) rollin on his right side..not a tipical rider for sure..he has to be a street biznisman..i started dealin right away drunk from PISCO i've been drinkin with some chilean hiphoper..the other guys walked away as my conversation with the guy got much..300 way man..i know you really want to sell this bike and the streets are empty so it seems like i am your only customer..i have 30 franks in my pocket..wanna make a sale or not..his english was poor but i could feel he understands every fuckin word i was sayin(g) one point it looked like the deal is not gonna happen so i started walkin away..the guy also started rollin into a narrow alley and then suddenly shouted at me and waved his hand in a 'come here' manner..i went back and followed him..there was a TAXI driver parked in the alley..they were talkin in german..i came closer..there was a fat german taxi driver in the i was dealin with this guy..his english was better (Schwarzneger accent)..i layed 30 franks (bill by bill-note by note) on co-driver's seat..i saw i'll need a few more 10frankers to finish the deal so i layed another 10 franks on the seat..and then another 10..i made a poor guy gesture (this is all i have)..he told the tall dark guy to hand me the bike..i rolled away with my new BMX (50 franks total) i was riddin toward my friends they were laughin their ASSES OFF..streets were mine.

Here's the cover

The Cover shines in a glory of its first web appearance and The Monkey couldn't care less. He just hangs out.

sreda, 21. maj 2008

Boldrider skate zine numero uno OUT NOW!

We just finished the first issue of a new skatezine originated in Postojna/Slovenia. It is not your tipical skateboard magazine full of fancy adds and fat tricks. It is a magazine for old people (revija za starčke). If your hair is starting to move north, closer to the top of your head, you just might enjoy these pieces of paper put together with two cardboards and a bolt. We won't show you the cover just jet so you can search the streets for your copy as from now...hurry, there are only 100 copies out. Here are some photos from the making of Boldrider.