ponedeljek, 26. maj 2008

krass R.I.P.

This was a nice sweet dream, about mama gurila living with her 3 little gurilas in the basement of our skatepark which we built in an abandoned hotel pizzerija in postojna downtown. During the day they were hiding in the cold underground, and during the night mama G was searching for food for little ones. One night i caught the scene of her coming back from the mission, surpirsed to see that she knew the only way to enter the building. I followed her downstairs, silently steping, trying not to make any sound that could make her suspicious. I wanted them to share the same place with us not to leave it. We all skate like gurilas and i felt a stong connection between us skaters and them.
I reached the room, fascinated and emotionaly touched with the scene i was looking at.
It was a dream and the moment stopped for a while, all i can remember from now on is me going back upstairs, happy, looking forward to reveal the secret to my friends. When i came back to the first floor, there were already construction workers putting up a tall fance and yelling at me that there's a gorilla in the hotel, that i'm crazy cruising around like that and that they had the order to stop them, imprisoning them in the basement.
In the february 08 they tore down KRASS, our picerija/sk8park. The dream to have the first gurila sk8 team in the world dissapeared forever.

2 komentarja:

Karolina pravi ...

Sam Gorazd je bil tabolši skejter u Krasu...ne pa vi, opice.

bomber pravi ...

Čustvena zgodbica, človeku gre kar na jok ko jo prebere... smrk. KraSS we will always have you in deep down in are hearts. R.I.P.