četrtek, 22. maj 2008

From the content: If I had money to buy a new BMX..street sale

I'll try to make the story as short as possible..as the velocity of this street intercourse passed me by in speedo style (probably due to drunknes takin serious effect on my neuro sistem)..Walkin the empty streets of Biel in the middle of the night a tall dark man passed by with a BMX (freestyle Felt four peger) rollin on his right side..not a tipical rider for sure..he has to be a street biznisman..i started dealin right away drunk from PISCO i've been drinkin with some chilean hiphoper..the other guys walked away as my conversation with the guy got intense..how much..300 franks..no way man..i know you really want to sell this bike and the streets are empty so it seems like i am your only customer..i have 30 franks in my pocket..wanna make a sale or not..his english was poor but i could feel he understands every fuckin word i was sayin(g)..at one point it looked like the deal is not gonna happen so i started walkin away..the guy also started rollin into a narrow alley and then suddenly shouted at me and waved his hand in a 'come here' manner..i went back and followed him..there was a TAXI driver parked in the alley..they were talkin in german..i came closer..there was a fat german taxi driver in the car..now i was dealin with this guy..his english was better (Schwarzneger accent)..i layed 30 franks (bill by bill-note by note) on co-driver's seat..i saw i'll need a few more 10frankers to finish the deal so i layed another 10 franks on the seat..and then another 10..i made a poor guy gesture (this is all i have)..he told the tall dark guy to hand me the bike..i rolled away with my new BMX (50 franks total)..as i was riddin toward my friends they were laughin their ASSES OFF..streets were mine.

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