nedelja, 31. januar 2010

house of fun

if you can make a house skate you're up for some serious adventure...just don't break the porch!

sreda, 20. januar 2010

ponedeljek, 18. januar 2010

new tapes

our friend MARK from ROOSTER VILLAGE just made some new tapes for long winter sessions on our mini. more tapes from you tape deck people more than welcome...COPY!

petek, 15. januar 2010

Cheers to daddy Tinko

In the middle of the dark cold night a little baby called Gabriel lightened up the world with his arrival. Congratulations go to Tinko (the pressure&tripple flip master) and Karin!

ponedeljek, 11. januar 2010

sobota, 02. januar 2010

petek, 01. januar 2010


some of us were very lucky (ce ves kaj mislm) to experience the very first concert of this new, girlz rulez punk band called NOVO LETO for new year. two of them also sk8 rramps and flat.
vox-Dasha, drums-Sandra, 6string-Maja, 4string-Neja

boyzone party; Mendi ramPAPAJ session