torek, 31. marec 2009

+ & -

more is less and it true?

sreda, 25. marec 2009

john the army

you've seen it in transworld and it's not a joke! stop messing around with your board and make a step towards manhood. john your local army...boldrider army

torek, 17. marec 2009

četrtek, 12. marec 2009

new sk8 members

we got two new members this week;
the first one's this lovely skaterboy's little brother named SVIT

the other one, Luka's(legendary PO super tech skater) son PINO.
kongratulacioni to both families. see you soon pr jami!!

nedelja, 08. marec 2009

happy b-day pumpamini

Dear pumpamini, happy b-day from the Boldrider crew. We've spent a beautiful first year of skateboarding&partying together. Thank you for putting us through a rough winter, giving us shelter and crazy sessions. Best wishes for many years to come...

sooon to come...

petek, 06. marec 2009

barcelona? no, postojna!

A small city of Postojna is finally getting its 'skateprak' in the pure centre. Ulaula fontana madness is gonna be finished as the summer starts.

sreda, 04. marec 2009

home sweet home

...waiting for the train to go back home i checked a bookshop on the train station.....hundreds of books...i picked just one, opened a random page was time to go home for sure!