četrtek, 29. julij 2010

rainy days

we still need help!
BOLDRIDER, PUMPA and SRCEMOZAK benefit buttons and stickers for the concrete and pool copings still available!

ljubljana - urban kravos
maribor - pekmez gallery
dravograd - monkey boys
senozece - kutick
postojna - shallow end
heilbronn/germany - sergej vutuc

sreda, 07. julij 2010

tampere / finland

while we're saving and collecting money for the finalization of the bowl in postojna our friends from TAMPERE / FINLAND did this

we still need support!
benefit boldrider stickers and bedges from 1,50€ to 3€

četrtek, 01. julij 2010

stiky stikaz

stikaz..finally..thanx to dime from hiša kulture/pivka for help and screenprint lessons, mare for extra assistance and markuc for dj-ing and almost fucking it all up...

and here's the BENEFIT DEAL for all of you who want to help us building our concrete bowl paradise in postojna. we're in the finall stage of building, but we're running very low with our budget and we need ALOT of concrete:

1 bedge + 3 stickers = 3€ (= 25kg concrete bag)
single bedge = 1,5€
single sticker = 1,5€