sreda, 29. julij 2009

WHY SO SERIOUS sk8park in motovun

motovun film festival organizators called some people in zagreb --> who called vanja --> who called mario --> who called srđan and than puma --> who called US(not usa) to build a skatable(why) sk8park for the joy of visitors of the festival, probably to animate them in between one and another film... what happened in the end was a supermodern skatepark.thanx god!

church of fun

of the topic(sory); take some condoms to motovun if going to film festival hehe, find out by yourself why

(back to the topic)preparing the terain


ollie over the p


church was always and always will be a great inspiration in art

flat rail + kicker + E

thrasher bank with stone coping

have some SERIOUS plans for the future of this park


sergej / fsrock on the quater(?)(check the stonecold gap!!)

tada / layback

feel free to copy our park plan


ponedeljek, 20. julij 2009

četrtek, 16. julij 2009

bambino sumertime

ej fuck it! it's sumertime...