petek, 25. november 2016

you just go

Our allies from Dvorana in Prestranek are worried not enough people will come for the 2nd anniversary of the biggest indoor bowl in Ex-Yugoslavia. But that's not gonna happen because we heard you are comming. YOU JUST GO boy. Have a good time watching two screenings, SAM GRES, a film by Jure Skerjanc featuring local skaters (Gregor Kuzmic, Deso, Robert Kos, Kliment, Marko Kocevar, Damjan Cvetanoski, Tomaz Milavec, Jure Skerjanc and friends) and ODRON, a short film from Hrvoje Zubovic presenting high performance street shredding form Zagreb's finest Antonio Pekovic, followed  by live music from five bands.

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