ponedeljek, 01. junij 2009

portland (oregon)

after 6 days of new yorkin we flew to san francisco...

...where we rented a car and hit the road...

....straight to BURNSIDE!!!! <---klik to view a great documetary(5 parts) about concrete skateparks, learn about burnside history and how to built and shape your own dreams and how to make your own skateboard...a must even if you don't skate!
before we left ny we were told that burnside is the best "sk8 park" in the world. when we came there local rippers were telling the same...don't need to say more.

the Q-MAN!

those guys are older than your father but skate crazier than you did when you were 20! muuuch moreee agrhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

local roll in

visitor roll in

amy was one of many girls who skated burnside.

how we experienced it, burnside is much more than just a skatepark. there's locals hanging around the whole day, drinkin chillin music recyclin sk8in sessionin bbQin...a place with a soul for sure.

miki mouse is from portland too

supersize ŠKF hot chocolate

for its 1st birthday BOLDRIDER made it to the world's largest fanzine archive. IPRC crew was very kind to show us things they do. huge archive of all sorts of zines.

in the same street you have a nice punk pizzeria/pub. have you ever listened to the adolescents while eating pizza in a restaurant?

beside sk8boarding the city is very alive. it has a strong feeling for alternative culture from weird concerts, art of al kinds,... hc punk scene's great there...

pier park is also in portland's area called st.johns.

11,5 ft hehehe. this shit is scary live.
portland has some more great sk8parks it's just we got hipnotized by burnside.
maybe next time.

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Mislim da vam pa zdej verjamem...

tadej vaukman pravi ...

pizda, mi grejo kr mravljinci ko gledam fotografije, pa me sploh ni blo tam... :) *

Bernard pravi ...

Staš, si pa naiven. A pri vas nimate Gimpa?

Staš pravi ...

Dej Bernard, odjebi!!!!!!!

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hey hey, pleskoti so nazaj...

sm slisu za en hud hud spot tuki pr nam, mislm da se rece pumpamini.
K boste mel kej casa se javte, da jo mal podrajsamo