četrtek, 21. oktober 2010

what's new?

this summer we finished the bowl in postojna with a little help from all of you. next year we're building our concrete paradise on. more corners,pool coping....more fun!
here's some handmade BOLDRIDER / PUMPA support mercandise if you want to donate some money for the next year's -springtime- building:

BOLDRIDER printed zine numero #4 is out!!
after more than one year the newest - BUSINESS ISSUE is here. a step by step manual for a successful sk8 businessman.

BOLDRIDER jingjang, black 'n' white trucker hats.
as you can see, we have two designs; pumpa and boldrider logo, adult and kids size.

BOLDRIDER t-shirts!
front PUMPA design and sleeve boldrider logo.
orange, yellow and grey. sizes: S,M,L,XL
big thanx to Omerbasic family!
price: 10€

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Anonimni pravi ...

super ja bi eno kapco!! ki ste ih pribavili zgledio zelo fajn!

čebelica pravi ...

ej zinovski je super :) puseeee