sreda, 01. september 2010


why would we cancel the opening party after a 4 month of hard work just because of the rain?! we had it all; bowl session, mini session, 4crazy bands playing, video premiere, delicious food, drinks, missed it again

how to make a vert ramp / educational video for primary and secondary schools by our dear friends R.O.W.

speaking about education and school; how to make your own pancakes

indoor sauna session inbetween easy raining

mini after

hardcore pussypunk explosion

thanx to final approach, mladina kina, diego and junk messsiah for coming and playing!

after a crazy saturday night, the sunday looked perfect for an after skate party with grill.

coping killer RODRIGEZZ, warming up for....


zagreb pool brothers

more HERE and HERE

6 komentarjev:

Iris pravi ...

Kakšno glasbo so pa igrali tej ansambli?

kutičk pravi ...

polka pa valček!če veš kaj mislm

Iris pravi ...

Zakaj niste pa potem v parih plesali?

rijekastreetzine pravi ...

:D <3

kutičk pravi ...

zatu ku pupe niso htele pst za domovino!

Mihael pravi ...

kapo dol.