nedelja, 27. december 2009


boldrider inventura for the year 2009 looks alittle something like this

Tomac aka grabke CISTI woke up with 30 chicks in february

Tipce and Erika with this little beauty on the 25th of april

we went to Amjerica for a month to buy shoes, decks and milkshakes

BURNSIDE experience; this is where we finally!! realised that we have to build our own paradise

went to Germany to make some plans and scatches for our first concrete wave

did some more more traveling to Bosna to prapere the final MAKETA for the park

on the way back we stopped in Motovun for some great wooden park sessioning

and guested German wood experts

in the meantime Lah got injured and stopped skating

we recycled our old wooden sk8park

and started building our Burnside, but realised that there's already ONE Balkan Burnside in zabreb so we started building our own Washington street

after 10? years Gavran is back on the skateboard

the 30th anniversary BOLDRIDER zine for Foco's birthday. he was 30 so we did just 30 copies of it. (still some 15 copies in my car if anyone...)

the first open air and indoor concert on pumpa to finish the summer

autumn crazy parties

beside Postojna our friends in Prestranek were very active indoor RAMPA and a nice! opening session

and the legendary RODRIGEZ rampa opening in Ilirska Bistrica

we changed the sound system on our mini rampa for the new winter season

Foco arrenged all the tapes...

and finally found his new BUNDA!!

happy 2010 - see you 1M below the coping.

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