sobota, 05. september 2009

here you have it...

...the mini in Ilirska Bistrica is opened for sessioning

father of the ramp rodrigez attaching something...

...that will make the opening more glorious

the session stopped for awhile and rodrigez would later smash the bottle onto the ramp

few moments after the official oppening...brothers in arms

tomzi making his move

and papi just walking around

fsnž tshirt made for the event

kravos with some crazy foto equipment

few outoffocus moments from the exhibition of making the ramp in mknž club

rodrigez does rule indeed!

3 komentarji:

Nevenka pravi ...

A Lele spet brez majice?

jožica pravi ...

Oprostite, zakaj pa Lah ni nikoli brez majce? sam vprašam, nevem

tanja pravi ...

je je.zame.