petek, 20. februar 2009

vajt on film

ZagrebDox09 (International documentary film festival in Zagreb) has a lifestory of a friend of ours to offer on film. A documentary by Nikola Strašek will screen on Monday (23.2.), 14-16h at MM Centar and on Tuesday (24.2.), 18-20h at &TD. This documentary shows the turbulent life of Daniel ‘Vajt’ Bele - one of Zagreb’s first skaters. He started skating in the late 80’s when that aspect of urban culture was illegal and unknown in Croatia. Vajt himself is an urban legend - one of the best and craziest skaters in these parts and in the same time a man that survived heroin addiction, life on the streets and rehabilitation. Now he is skating again, he’s an actor and he even wrote a novel. He lives in Zagreb and works in an IT company.

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Anonimni pravi ...

hvala sto ste objavili... (i dalje sam nestrpljiv za sessione sa Vama na poolu)... Vajt

Anonimni pravi ...

carski je bilo maloprije u &td-u...pozz od varaždinca ;)