četrtek, 10. julij 2008

polizia, una razza da estinguere

My dearest police officers (and security guards)..for me you are no longer (probably never even were) so-called guardian angels who watch for their citizens..from now on you are 'angels' of agression, intolerance, brutality, inhumanity..i could easily walk all over you if i was a giant..you should be ashamed of yourselves..but you would probably know nothing about this nobel feeling..jebeš policijo..in varnostnike..
here's 2 radio clips that sum up the story of police brutality that happend yesterdey at 3 in the morning in Portorož (fuck it..it's in slovenian)..klik

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Schintr pravi ...

one man used to say:

cop killer, better you than me.
Cop killer, fuck police brutality!

and other agreed:

Big bad and blue
They're in the Klan too
Brutality is their sport
We'll put 'em to the torch

Dead Cops!!!

Schintr pravi ...


ICE T(ipche)