sreda, 21. december 2016

this just in..

Number fifteen of Confusion Mag is out. Go HERE for all the info and ways to get a copy. We'll have some copies for sale on Pumpa for sure and you can also contact Robert Kos to get yours. Stoked!!!

torek, 20. december 2016


Nikola Racan's full-length skate video Solsticij (eng. Solstice), featuring over seventy skateboarders from the ex-Yugoslavia region, Italy, France, U.K. and Sweden is premiering in Ljubljana tonight. Let's celebrate this underground video delice together.

petek, 16. december 2016

experience the hills and vinyards of dolenjska

Come to Sokolc in Novo mesto and see the premiere of new Original Copy video titled Vinograd (eng. vinyard). Original Copy is a unique skate video and sound production of two longtime friends Tomaž Šantl and Zlatko Đogić. Vinograd, their latest piece, introduces a creative skater, photographer and musician Matej Počervina. See you all there wine lovers!

četrtek, 15. december 2016

kos got a pumpa classic burger for this one

Robert Kos was (together with Kupa, Skok and many others) the boss of the session last friday in Skatepark Rog. He was hungry as usual so we made a deal. A big transfer for a huge burger. He made it. Cooks and skaters unity. Check some more analog pics from Fettich HERE!

sreda, 14. december 2016

Radio Radio Radio

Well this one goes for Slovene-speaking listeners only. Or just go with one of quick online learnings of our hardcore language. Try THIS maybe?! Anyhow enjoy forty minutes of interview even if you don't understand shit. We had lots of fun in the studio at Radio Študent. Thanks for the opportunity Jernej. Check it HERE!

torek, 13. december 2016

what a succsess party!!!

We  did what's right, we did it the right way and we did it at the right location. Pumpa vert is one huge step closer to start shining again. A big THANK YOU goes to Skatepark RogAudiorama (Jambrek), Fogy from Everything Goes, Dado, all the promoters of the event especially Radio Študent and PendrekMag and of course each and everyone of you who came and supported us! Even the real fathers of the vert, Kupa and Mičo, made it to the party from far far away!! Romantic kisses also to our loving friends who helped getting things goin, Deso, Ceca, Čopi, Kos, Tada, Sonja, Vnuk, Tati, teta Magda and other beautiful bystanders. Let's wait for the birds to announce next year's spring. Then we got some wood work to do. Boldrider Loves You!

sreda, 7. december 2016

reminder#6: food is good!

Is  it an omlette? No, you don't fold it. You just flip it around once. Slowly. Is it frtalja? No, there's no flour inside, just garlic, leek, zucchini, rucola and feta cheese. With some coconut flavoured rice and salad on the side. Maybe we make some this friday so you can get the picture ;)

reminder#5: is tipche really vegan?

We're gonna go with Pumpa Classic on friday. Into the bun with sliced tomatoes, beef burger, fresh herbs/sour cream sauce, rucola, mayo/ketchup/mustard mix and optional egg on top. In addition, just for the occasion, we'll add grilled/or fresh prosciutto and capres. Just to make you a little bit more happy. What about that?

torek, 6. december 2016

reminder#4: pumpa tramp stamp is ready!

Everything goes allright, but not without the stamp bitch. We might even do it the nasty way this friday. Let you in for free and charge and stamp you at the exit. If by any chance you're planning a surprise birthday party for your friend that night be sure to let us know, so we can stamp the stripper all over before we put her into that birthday box. Come to Rog Skatepark Pumpa Vert Benefit party on friday and get surprised.

ponedeljek, 5. december 2016

reminder#3: wait, is that zorro?

No  man, that's Primož Jambrek, legendary Slovenian skateboarder carving in Rog skatepark's bowl. He also DJs and was the main engine in organising the party for upcoming event this friday. DJs who are willing to select sounds cash free. All for the sake of Pumpa Vert renewal. Come listen to his set on friday after the session. Or maybe you have better things to do. Nevermind.

sobota, 3. december 2016

reminder#2: lets ketchup

Testing vegetable combos to get the perfect mix for boldXvegan spicy winter stew you're gonna get as a warm up for the session. Getting inspired every day. Food + skateboarding = true romance. Do you wanna come over and you know ... eat maybe?

četrtek, 1. december 2016

reminder#1: pumpa VERT benefit party

In case you're still deciding if you should join us in Rog Skatepark on December 9th for our VERT Benefit we advise you to just come along and skate, eat, drink plus party with us. Maybe you can try some crazy tarnsfer powerslides like Benjamin Sabol. See you there!!!

ponedeljek, 28. november 2016

petek, 25. november 2016

you just go

Our allies from Dvorana in Prestranek are worried not enough people will come for the 2nd anniversary of the biggest indoor bowl in Ex-Yugoslavia. But that's not gonna happen because we heard you are comming. YOU JUST GO boy. Have a good time watching two screenings, SAM GRES, a film by Jure Skerjanc featuring local skaters (Gregor Kuzmic, Deso, Robert Kos, Kliment, Marko Kocevar, Damjan Cvetanoski, Tomaz Milavec, Jure Skerjanc and friends) and ODRON, a short film from Hrvoje Zubovic presenting high performance street shredding form Zagreb's finest Antonio Pekovic, followed  by live music from five bands.

petek, 18. november 2016

our vert needs a new spring dress...

... so here's your chance to contribute. Skate people form Rog are getting on this Benefit Event, so if you happen to be anywhere near Ljubljana you know where to go on 9th of December. It's gonna be cold outside, but we'll heat a good session inside, burn some burgers and a vegeterian stew would probably be in order to summer up the winter a bit. We'll have our portable skate shop with us so buying our stuff is a must. Everything you'll spend in Rog Skatepark that night is eventually converting into wooden layers for Pumpa vert. So come get some good times with us! All info HERE!

četrtek, 17. november 2016

sreda, 26. oktober 2016

Caverna House!!

"I wanted to erase all my past to discover who I really was."         
- Anselmo Aruda

ponedeljek, 17. oktober 2016

lajf of a niga

A a je je lajf of a niga a a je lajf of a niga aa je lajf of a niga a a .. a jou povej mi haj kako se ti zdi ta niga sm jst ta niga si ti povej mi a jou kako se ti zdi v tem žiulenu se ti lahk use zgodi .. Klemen je razfuku Pumpo a a SSF odlomu miks a a je je .. k to je ta lajf k ga niga žvi!!!!

torek, 20. september 2016

hot stuff

Smok has some juicy pics from the pumpa summer party. CHECK it!!!

ponedeljek, 19. september 2016

petek, 9. september 2016

..and it was a damn hot night alright..

Gogo sent us some nice pics from Portland party in Basel celebrating ten years of the BCB. Was a crazy bearbath time in first row while The Lombego Surfers looped through their set.

sobota, 3. september 2016

hey ho let's GO!!!

Our friends are hosting a nice event in Nova Gorica this weekend. It's skateboarding on the schedule for today so you still have time to go wreck yourself if you're anywhere near. There's united colors limited event boards designed by Lele and maybe unlimited event beer. More info HERE!

ponedeljek, 22. avgust 2016

petek, 12. avgust 2016

četrtek, 11. avgust 2016

petek, 24. junij 2016

torek, 7. junij 2016


"With my sunglasses on, I'm Jack Nicholson. Without them, I'm fat and 60." - Jack Nicholson

ponedeljek, 6. junij 2016


"Support preservation and defence of the autonomous Factory Rog against the plans of the Municipality of Ljubljana for its demolition. Rog, as a unique space in which currently over twenty collectives are active, is intended for the younger and other generatins, which want to act, create and experiment beyond bureaucratic frames and free of charge. All the activities are based on voluntary work, non-profitability and accessibility. Factory Rog is working, let's ensure it can develop with its users even further. Let the space happen." - The people of Rog

Klik HERE or go there in person!

ponedeljek, 2. maj 2016

bad dzastin

"Dodzi malo 'vamo, da ti ga zabiberim, nemoj da se kliberis jer mi smo Dzastin Biberi..." - Bad Copy

četrtek, 21. april 2016

sophie loved full pipes in her golden years

"Spaghetti can be eaten most successfully if you inhale it like a vacuum cleaner." - Sophia Loren

torek, 12. april 2016


Still everytime a new skate structure is put to use there is that happiness momentum sprinkling around. Feels almost like when a bus driver finally makes a piss stop after a four hour drive. Congratulations to everyone at Skatepark ROG and Špaco for designing and pushing the project till the end. Official opening to be held soon.

petek, 25. marec 2016

no country for old men

"That wild indian picture happens to be stylin', you don't know what you're talkin' about." - Tommy Hook

torek, 15. marec 2016

what a nights

Fragments of two parties in one week. Pumpa's birthday number eight and Robert Kos with third and last (this year geathering money for our vert ramp) Broken decks exhibition opening. Thanks to everyone who joined us and an invite to all the future guests. Dobrodoshli!!!

torek, 8. marec 2016


Happy birthday Pumpa. You're not so little anymore. Eight years girl! Keep growing fast and stay well.
Love, Boldrider

petek, 4. marec 2016