torek, 31. december 2013

torek, 24. december 2013

torek, 17. december 2013

papi's still alive

superfast relayered pumpa narrow miniramp. sepultura's arise record playing loudloud. almost full moon. me, lele and papi sessioning. and then papi fs early grabs. part of his body in one direction few parts in another. boooooom. papi's head meets the wall. wants to get up. falls down. dead. loses consciousness for fifteen seconds. panic in the room, lele turns down the music. should we call doctors. papi opens his eyes. arise. violent headache. mild trauma. same questions. on repeat. repeat. repeat. half an hour of nonsense conversation. killer session. but the lyrics on this song. man. -tipche                                                                                                                          

petek, 6. december 2013