ponedeljek, 28. september 2009

idiot on my mail

came home from a nice weekend in ELBO fulpipe park in bologna-italy-and found this sk8idiot waiting for me to sign in. ollie?!!

torek, 22. september 2009

new kona kona

...preparations for the 2nd corner...

nedelja, 13. september 2009

SLWON in the park

we got a visit from the sk8park elephant too

petek, 11. september 2009


let's make it official! BOLDRIDER numero tre is fuori; after 30 years of hard work on our silky sk8 magazine we managed to put out the 30th anniversary number. it comes with a free boldrider 9.25 deck. very limited to 30 copies of course.

torek, 8. september 2009

slovenians need circus

Great slovenian raper/visual artist/skateboard legend is going to celebrate 15 years that passed from the release of his first album Leva scena (left scene) with some concerts in Slovenia. He gathered few musicians to support him with live funky music to back up his verbal skils. Here's a link to his levascena15let blog where he talks about acting in indian movies, slovenian rap, namechange experience and much more.

sobota, 5. september 2009

here you have it...

...the mini in Ilirska Bistrica is opened for sessioning

father of the ramp rodrigez attaching something...

...that will make the opening more glorious

the session stopped for awhile and rodrigez would later smash the bottle onto the ramp

few moments after the official oppening...brothers in arms

tomzi making his move

and papi just walking around

fsnž tshirt made for the event

kravos with some crazy foto equipment

few outoffocus moments from the exhibition of making the ramp in mknž club

rodrigez does rule indeed!

četrtek, 3. september 2009


after 3 years of madness and diy hardwork constructioning the famous rodrigez's ramp has come to the end and is ready for griiiiindingg. the opening is this friday , the 4th of sept. in ILIRSKA BISTRICA, just near MKNŽ in the abandoned swining pool. we know this weekend is the ramp weekend all around but this is our favorite. supporting diy madness forever!

9 x 9 x 1,20 m

final works going on today. RODRIGEZ RULES!!!