petek, 16. september 2011


in case you ain't been klicking dirty travellers here's your chance to catch up.. cates jugoblogin' part TWO and THREE and FOUR and FIVE.. thanks a lot for sharing your words and moments dan.. the hillbilies wish you all the best!

četrtek, 15. september 2011

ekeles together again

new york's getting ready for some rockaway beach tanning at elk galery..

petek, 9. september 2011

distinctly insane screening

"The Boldriders crew's Pumpa bowl in Postojna, Slovenia played host to what was a distinctly insane screening for Format perspective. The screening was timed to coincide with the 4th anniversary of the construction of their beloved DIY spot, so a bunch of hardcore bands were booked to play after the film was shown. Add London's Craig 'Questions' Scott and his right hand man Jake Snelling and you get a very messy mix! Skating, nasty slams, beer, wrestling, great food, mutilation, mosh pits, nudity, split heads and sunshine! Quite the experience, thanks guys!!"
- Philip Evans (notice the guy in green t-shirt)
Thank you Phil for capturing our place so damn good. Great film! Keep rollin' that camera...

sreda, 7. september 2011

dirty travellers

Dan Cates started bloggin' about the recent trippin' from Croatia to Slovenia. Here's part one. Still waiting the crew to hit Pumpa in their time machine. Keep clicking this LINK in future days.

ponedeljek, 5. september 2011

sobota, 3. september 2011

četrtek, 1. september 2011

hard days night

strange day, followed by strange night..nothing new here at pumpa..this is where other photo enthusiasts took over..and they had much to might have checked or .. more to come probably on or some other sites that share our concrete loveaffair..thanx all for showing up and hope to catch you at the next pumpa masacre..