nedelja, 29. junij 2008

V(vanejti) A(airwalk) J(jos 199 pokusaja) T(transfer)

cant capture the energy of this guy by words or pictures, have to experience it.if you need inspirtion for skating go check him out...

VAJT superbowl party

everybody was invited....

italian skaters and famous fotographers,...

80's pop musicians,...

heterosexuals and homosexuals,...

miro? and dux?,...

dravograd crew,...


and nice little families....

sobota, 28. junij 2008

a bit of Đez

A few moments from last week's gig at Gromka, Ljubljana. Đez introduced a fair amount of jazz, blues and funk with some guest sax players. Klikit...

sreda, 25. junij 2008

torek, 24. junij 2008

anguria for everybody



...later the message came...



četrtek, 19. junij 2008

got him on digital

although the ng legenda kept hiddin' his runaway spot for long..we managed to track him down..presenting to yoll, the finest boldrider on the right..don't mind d guy on the left..

to the limit

never'n'ever be affraid of the accousstticc guitar and a street haarrrmonikka..parrrttty onnnn..


upcoming legend of PO street & bowl sk8boarding

sreda, 18. junij 2008

video of the year

boldrider presents video of the year 08. first price goes to ekele. link it up...

with a little help from my friends

the beatles revival

Sal Barbier showed up to watch

stretch before the sesh... you won't need turbo shit on your tie

true romance

women chill naked all around Zagreb

...dream on...just you watch and suffer...

Hrelich stajlin

ponedeljek, 16. junij 2008

ja sam pravi purger

..."this is the 'zine those idiots are making"...

...the BIG one is the bench...

...the SMALL one is the voice...

boldrider's dream

croatia....12 point

80's porn-chill out

četrtek, 12. junij 2008

loose that hair

Some people just won't loose their hair. They get even more hair day by day. The legend on the photo (left) is a potential member of the Boldrider crew. We just have to do something with all this hair. Don't mind the guy on the right.

sreda, 11. junij 2008

boldrider ultimate wheels

We present the new Boldrider Ultimate Wheels (BUW). They are fast. They are smooth. They are rollin'... and they can even become your chill bench.

pure street

If you would search for a definition of 'street skaing' in a video dictionary you would probably get this clip served with no side dishes. Just click it!

nedelja, 8. junij 2008

can't stop

Boldrider on this video honestly couldn't stop for quite some time. Click on this link and then turn your monitor 90 degrees to the right. For better viewin'.

sobota, 7. junij 2008

same old story

this one is about globalization and nuclear warefare.

četrtek, 5. junij 2008

on the run

Some hips got hoped and some graffiti got legs yesterday in Ljubljana.

torek, 3. junij 2008

nebulox popizditis

the same way FOCO skates the same way he draws;rough fast and brut, total nebulox popizditis style. guess how he drives the car and what he does to his gilrs if you can, hehe.