sobota, 28. februar 2009


Every time I see my friend Mikla skating, he is always wearing some new fancy shoes. For some time I've been wondering where the hell does he get all the money to buy them, but on this Carnival Tuesday evening the secret was revealed. As you can see, I caught him in a local disco club turntabling some classic techno hits and a lot of euros into his pocket. Way to go Mikla!

ponedeljek, 23. februar 2009

maskerada sk8 session

old skool maskerada(idioti čisti)

new skool maskerada (find the intruder)

hew hew heww;
transform yourself and join your local POVORKA

petek, 20. februar 2009

vajt on film

ZagrebDox09 (International documentary film festival in Zagreb) has a lifestory of a friend of ours to offer on film. A documentary by Nikola Strašek will screen on Monday (23.2.), 14-16h at MM Centar and on Tuesday (24.2.), 18-20h at &TD. This documentary shows the turbulent life of Daniel ‘Vajt’ Bele - one of Zagreb’s first skaters. He started skating in the late 80’s when that aspect of urban culture was illegal and unknown in Croatia. Vajt himself is an urban legend - one of the best and craziest skaters in these parts and in the same time a man that survived heroin addiction, life on the streets and rehabilitation. Now he is skating again, he’s an actor and he even wrote a novel. He lives in Zagreb and works in an IT company.

torek, 17. februar 2009

couldn't make it

Mountain and Dressen just called to let us know they are really sorry they couldn't make it to the party. They gave mad props for Tomo's rollerbreaking and sent best wishes.

nedelja, 15. februar 2009

četrtek, 12. februar 2009


ladies, he' 30! navali!!!!

ponedeljek, 9. februar 2009

ride the compost pile

A certain mad professor from not so famous American university, Anil Netravali, has developed a composite made completely of plant materials which can be used to make skateboards. The environmentally 'green' composite could replace the traditional formaldehyde-based particleboard commonly found in inexpensive furniture. "At the end of its life, you can take it and put it in the compost pile, and it can be used to fertilize more plants." said the professor. Most skateboard decks are made from at least seven plys of maple (or originally, hard rock maple), and we can wonder if this bidegradable material will be sufficiently durable and flexible to give the board the feel and pop that skateboarders are used to. The biodegradable composite is said to be ten times stronger and 25 percent lighter than current boards, and made from fibers of plants including bamboo, pineapple, and coconut. The Gang Green skate crew must be happy about it.
Source: Lisa Grossman (not Grassman)

sobota, 7. februar 2009

stage diving

went to a GRINDCORE concert the other day and just got this idea while watching a guy stagediving with a backpack on...

ponedeljek, 2. februar 2009