sreda, 30. julij 2008

summer trips/ dubrovnik streetstajl

indy's 215 on a 7.5 board?

same thoughts?

petek, 25. julij 2008

boldrider video numero uno

Here's the link to our new video..just for the record and for everyone to know..this is not a skateboard is a video about friendship, streets and our sickness..klikklik..

sreda, 23. julij 2008

train42 headed to Postojna

If you get lucky this train could be your ride to Postojna train station tomorrow. Don't forget to buy a ticket..or you can hide in a train toilet and save your drinkin' money for later. See you in Jazzy!

četrtek, 17. julij 2008

the swiss bowls experience

Boldrider proudly presents a full lenght skate&travel video THE SWISS BOWLS EXPERIENCE.. first video projection will take place in Klub Jazzy (Železniška postaja Postojna) on july 24th around 9 p.m. support supplied by a jazz/blues/funk/etc. band ĐEZ from Ljubljana ..come to smile and dance with us..after that the video will be viewable on this blog..

nedelja, 13. julij 2008


back in the days when parties were all about ...having fun

entering the zone of the year 92

hardcore ninjas, musical connection between dravograd and zagreb

pumpa050708 clips

Some great futich from the piknik at Pumpa..klikit..

petek, 11. julij 2008

for non slovenian speakers

I was brutally attacked, beaten down, humiliated etc. by a group of security guards (GVS d.d.) in disco club Tivoli (Portorož, Slovenia - a piece of heaven on earth as Bush had a chance to describe it while he was visiting). Reason: i tried to pull a chair cca. 10 meters from the smoking area outside the club, to the side entrance of the club. After that i can only remember a guy screaming his ass off in my face and after that a BIG rain of fists from behind. Security guards have been draging me from the club like a dog (worse than a dog offense to the dogs), hitting me the whole way to the exit (as we were approaching the exit more s. guards joined to hit me..everybody had to get his 'piece of pie'). After they have beaten me down they kicked me to the streets. While i was checking my bones out i noticed they have not only beaten me up but also mannaged to stole my foto camera (Olimpus FE340 5Xdigital zoom). Naturaly i called the police. After all they are the ones that could easily solve this problem. Right? WRONG!!! Police came. They didn't mind me at all, they were mostly talking to the security guards. Those guards who have taken advantage of me in the club have magically dissapeard. They asked my girfriend who saw most of the happening if she can identify any of them 'gorilas'. As she pointed at one boldrider, the guy went nuts, started screaming at her (policeman was just watching). At that point i have had enough. I intervened verbally and steped betwen my girl and that lunatic of a security guard. I sarted screaming back at him. And then I got arestted. As one of the policmen was putting the cuffs on my hands (he was not gentle at all) i told him several times (20 times or something) not to bend my right wrist because it has been chronically damaged. He didnt listen. He broke my wrist with that same cuffs and nailed me to the ground like a fucking criminal. I got a ride to the police station, but not with coppers who arrested me. A fuckin police van had to come to pick me up. I asked for a doctor, a lawyer and a psichologist..didn't get any of that. I just got put in the cell till the morning. Reason: police officer assumed i was drunk (not get sure with a test on my blood). I drank a few beers yes..but that's just out of the point right now, isnt it. They have broken my wrist again (on the other side) i can be even more cripled thanks to our angels in blue uniforms. On the other hand i'm getting worried about my mental health (i'm going to the doctor about that tomorrow) my mental stability and my rights to remain human. But that is on you to comment as i don't know how any more. Police is just untouchable in Slovenia right now! the way i also got a fine to pay: 450 euros..but i didn't sign any of them fuckin' police papers.

četrtek, 10. julij 2008

polizia, una razza da estinguere

My dearest police officers (and security guards)..for me you are no longer (probably never even were) so-called guardian angels who watch for their citizens..from now on you are 'angels' of agression, intolerance, brutality, inhumanity..i could easily walk all over you if i was a should be ashamed of yourselves..but you would probably know nothing about this nobel feeling..jebeš varnostnike..
here's 2 radio clips that sum up the story of police brutality that happend yesterdey at 3 in the morning in Portorož (fuck's in slovenian)..klik

nedelja, 6. julij 2008

pumpa sk8party

we spent a nice saturday with our friends, eating drinking chilling skating sweating dancing playing singing talking kissing...

padre in the garden of sweets

paparazzi infront of the same garden

crazy mini indoor session with ljubljana, dravograd, nova gorica, petelinje and postojna crews

and outdoor wallride session...

...all happening in the same time

teo the youngest sk8ter on the spot

Mchammer or John Montessi?

tech brothers

grind brothers

petek, 4. julij 2008

luca's weekend

look what this madafaka wrote to me in a mail:
ura je 16:46 in do zdej smo v postelji

joke of the day

sreda, 2. julij 2008

before / after

Stipe Mesic / croatian president

Luca Basilico / legendary italian sk8er