sreda, 18. januar 2017

stay fat

Artistic duo MORTADELA, which consists of heavyweight artists Evgen Čopi Gorišek (104 kg) and Nejc Franetič - Deso (105 kg) is opening an exhibition tomorrow night in Zelenica gallery in Ljubljana. Close cooperation between two artists originates from a shared passion for food and, of course, drinks. When basic human needs are satisfied, the two find some time for side activities. In their case - for MORTADELA. They don't mind eating from the same plate or drinking form the same beer can, nevertheless drawing on the same surface. Getting deeper into the relevant topic of 'obesity' brought several solutions that converge in a clear message - STAY FAT. Come see selected fresh fruits from gourment gardens of this flourishing tandem. More info HERE!

* Mortadela is a large italian ham sausage which incorporates one fifth small cubes of pork fat, flavoured with spices, including whole or sometimes ground black pepper, myrtle berries and pistachios.