sobota, 27. april 2013

četrtek, 25. april 2013

pumpa records grows acoustics

after ANTIPSYCHIATRY, SRČKI and KUŠČARJI SISTEMA pumpa records welcomes new musical forces of gravity, magnetism and inertia control opera-tions, an acoustic duo featuring two dirty artists in crime and the roughest cantautore ever seen, also artist. all three of them skateboard.. one of 'em don't drink.. one of 'em don't eat vegetables.. all three of 'em adore music..



glass factory gets second life

just got great news from fažana (croatia).. nikola said: i'm sending you some photos from the abandoned glass factory. after the foreign investors torn down all the rooftops because of the asbestos two years ago, we started to work on the spot again in october last year and continued in recent months. there's a skate contest in the nearby skatepark on 4th of may so you are kindly invited to come. more info HERE. boldrider said: nice chance to have some istrian olives an malvazija. by the way we love your TIT colection.. flat chest, much bust.. because we all know size varies a lot.


torek, 2. april 2013