ponedeljek, 27. junij 2011

when logos meet

notice the similar lettering style?

sobota, 25. junij 2011


this morning son&dad decided to pay tribute to the place we all love with this little collab drawing of a happy gas station worker..greetings from gašper and tibor wherever you are..

nedelja, 12. junij 2011

niKEY notES

boldrider and tvojanedelja art directors still up in germany stop will come home soon stop should bring some colorish nikeies for the boys stop

torek, 7. junij 2011

september rain

swiss september wheels guys stopped over at pumpa to skate the bowl, grill some meat and watch a lot of rain fall.. they skated more on the inside miniramp and there was also a nice sunday afternoon bowl session before it started to rain heavily that night.. again.. hope the weather treats you better in croatia and italy...

sobota, 4. junij 2011

petek, 3. junij 2011

street bean planting

pick your favourite beans/mahune/fžu/fagioli

take off the garss in a 30 cm circle (near pole or fence)

clean all the grass so you get to the soil

make the soil nice and tender

control it by hand to eliminate stones and grass roots

plant the bean seeds

cover it up and water it or just wait for rain

*don't worry you're not on some gardening blog...we just planted some beans to try and cover the fence here at pumpa and cook some beans in our kitchen in late summer...hope somthing will grow..