ponedeljek, 31. avgust 2009

late lele32 after

some photos from 23rd of august found their way to my computer..leles after party was not that crowded but we managed to keep it intense..

petek, 28. avgust 2009

četrtek, 27. avgust 2009

BP - boldriders party

what really happened on the 22nd of august... we were not preparing any contest as some of you thouhgt, it was just a birthday party for friends, combined with some new stuff to sk8 here in PO. the party was so intense(sk8sessions,concert,hanging.....) i totally forgot to take pictures.so this is what i got from friends. klik HERE ; our friends from rijeka posted some nice party pictures. thanx to everybody!!

30 & 32 + fany & milanka-mamas responsible for the party. + sweet teo holding foco's hand

lots of people came i guess

crazy midnight mini sessions started already 3 days before the party, as soon as our dravograd brothers came

new baby corner sessions

outdoor concert place


lost boys

acrid sunday

jam sessions

our mini motel hosted lots of people this week

the gatekeeper; this kreten was watching for us in front of our mini while we slep.

thanx for nice presents

and YES!!! the 3rd issue of BOLDRIDER MAG came out just for this occasion.but we forgot to give it to you all. still in my car hehe. soon

ponedeljek, 10. avgust 2009

gettin serious (growing post / 2weeks)

preparations for the 22nd of august
1st week-->woodweek

big wheels and easy shoes....get ready for the...
2nd week-->concreteweek

radio pumpa

petek, 7. avgust 2009

golden house

golden house was our home and sk8shop for almost 1 month in the states.we realised only in santa cruz how stupid the kofano looked like when we saw all the stuff we got.wanted to post this one earlier but had to give a deck present to our hairy friend first.

torek, 4. avgust 2009

rampa brainstorm

our mini inspires me daily; this was the latest idea i had for my friends. conecting tricks we like the most, firecrackers and trany grinds.trrrrrrrrr grrrrrrrrr

ponedeljek, 3. avgust 2009